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Lead-Acid Battery Manufacture

We have a strong R&D team in the battery technology field, supporting Battery Manufacturing Equipment development.

cPractice of a lead-acid battery was developed by Plante in 1860 the first design, and production has continued to grow ever since. Automotive batteries are the main use of technology lead-acid, followed by (stand-by power and traction) industrial batteries. More than half of world production will lead to the batteries. The low cost and ease of manufacture of lead-acid batteries from other electrochemical couples should ensure consistent application of this system in the manufacture of future.Oxide: Lead oxide is made from pig lead (masses of lead from smelters) by one of two methods On Pot Barton or grinding process.

battery equipment manufacturer

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In the Barton Pot process, air is blown onto the molten lead to produce fine droplets lead flow. Here you can learn more about battery equipment manufacturer. The droplets react with the oxygen in the air to form oxide, which consists of a lead core with a coating of lead oxide (PbO).In the process of grinding, solid lead (which can vary in size from small balls of whole pigs) is introduced into a grinder rotation. You can find some information about battery equipment supply. The tumbling action of the probe generates heat and the surface of the lead oxide. As the particles roll in the drum, the surface layers of oxide are removed to expose cleaner lead to oxidation. The air stream transports the powder to a bag filter, where it is collected.

lead acid battery equipment

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production of the gate: The grids are produced mainly by casting (automatic and manual) or, especially for starter batteries, the expansion of the lead alloy wrought or cast. We have a strong R&D team in the battery technology field, supporting Battery Manufacturing Equipment development. Paste: battery paste is made by mixing the oxide with water, sulfuric acid and a range of proprietary additives. The dough is pressed by the machine or by hand in the network of the grid, and the plates are generally flash-dried in an oven at high temperature. You can learn more about battery manufacturers here. Bonded plates are cured by storing them in ovens under carefully controlled conditions of temperature, humidity and time. Lead in the paste turns into lead oxide.

battery manufacturing equipment

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